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EARLINET database registration page
This page is for individuals who do not participate in the EARLINET network. Members of the EARLINET consortium are advices to request their user account directly from the database manager. EARLINET data are freely available to individual users upon acceptance of the network data usage policy. Preliminary data are only available to EARLINET consortium members. Usage of data from the EARLINET database should follow these principles:

Use of Data from the EARLINET Database EARLINET data are freely available at the

Username and password are required to access the EARLINET Database.

Registration is necessary in order to get username and password.

All the requested fields must be filled (name, Institution, area of expertise, reason of access, email address)

Notice to users:

The public domain data you are about to download are contributed by the EARLINET consortium. Each EARLINET site has a Principal Investigator(s) (PI), responsible for deployment, maintenance and data collection. The PI has priority use of the data collected at the site. The PI is entitled to be informed of any other use of that site data. PI contact information can be found on the EARLINET site.

Recommended guidelines for data use and publication

Using EARLINET data: Please consult with the PI(s) of the data to be used.

Publishing EARLINET data: Please consider authorship for the PI(s).

When data from the EARLINET Database are used in a publication, we request the following acknowledgment to be included:

"The authors acknowledge EARLINET for providing aerosol LIDAR profiles available at"

and the following reference to cite:

J. Bösenberg, et al., EARLINET: A European Aerosol Research Lidar Network to Establish an Aerosol Climatology. Max-Planck-Institut Report No. 348 (2003).

EARLINET requests a reprint of any published papers or reports or a brief description of other uses (e.g., posters, oral presentations, etc.) of data downloaded from the EARLINET database. This will help us determine the use of EARLINET data, which is helpful in optimising product development. It also helps us to keep our product-related references current.

Please contact us by e-mail for instructions.

I accept the EARLINET data usage policy described above

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