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Welcome to the EARLINET-ASOS database web portal. This is a publicly available system that allows scientists to search, download and visualize aerosol LIDAR data from the EARLINET network.

A login account can be obtained through the Login-page. It is necessary to read and accept the data access policy before requesting a login password.

Any feedback on the web portal can be provided to or

Your browser is not JavaScript capable or you have disabled JavaScript. This application heavily engages AJAX Technology in order to increase functionality and usability. All functions are optimized and primary tested using JavaScript enabled browsers.

For optimum usability of the EARLINET-ASOS Database it it advisable to use JavaScript; however, it is still possible to use the application without. Some elements of the application need to be rendered differently to reach this. Furthermore there will also be a "Refresh" button wherever needed, to manually get feedback from the application.

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